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(FY07 - FY11)

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These interactive Map Dashboards are county based compound reports that contain the following component windows:      


Pictorial Help

Interactive County Map of Maryland - Colors indicate the statistical numeric range.      


For more detailed text based help click here

Legend - Numeric ranges for colors. Click on the crayon icon to the left to make changes to the map. Click on ranges to show the counties in other windows.      

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Legend Pie Chart - Colors of pie match legend ranges. Rollover s piece of the pie for percentages by color code.      

Congestive Heart Failure

  Comparison Table - Point of reference statistics for the state and regions.      

Dental Visits

  Ranking Bar Chart - Interactive highlight of selected county rank or baselines for values in the comparison table.      


  Age Group Pie Chart - Interactive pie slices show percentages on mouse rollover.      


  Time Series Chart - 5 year trend chart for selected counties or baselines.      

Episodic Mood Disorder

  % of Persons by County and Baltimore City - Master data table for county interactivity. May be sorted by names or values.      

Flu Shots








All percentages in these reports are based on Medicaid unique recipient counts.


Substance Abuse


All counts in the drill-downs (see overview) are unique person counts.


Tobacco Abuse


Depression counts are included in the episodic mood disorder statistics.


Tobacco abuse is not included with substance abuse.

* A new subroup for Race has been added. Find it under the 'Data' button on each Dashboard.  

All statistics in these reports pertain to Medicaid recipients only.

MMIS data source as of the end of June 2015        

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This site is published by The Hilltop Institute.

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